your message, loud and clear.

Do people know how awesome you are?

You’ve got a story that is only yours. That unique story is awesome!

But unless you’re running an underground spy operation, you’ve got to let people know about your business. You’ve got to show people that you’re awesome. But how?

Hi! I'm Chris!

I’ve always loved making awesome things.

At every job I’ve had – barista, hot tub salesman, receptionist, shipper/receiver – I would find opportunities to communicate through art and design. Selling hot tubs, I designed comic strip ads that ran in the Calgary Sun!

I’m all about collaboration and communication. Since launching my freelance design business in 2014, I’ve been working with my clients to make sure that we’re  on the same page every step of the way.

I believe that everyone has a unique story, something special, and that the world needs more of that. I think the world needs less falling in line, less fitting in, and more unique. That’s what I try to do with my designs. If you’re gonna make something – make it awesome.

"Making awesome things for awesome people."

Comics Get Read!

My favourite way to get a message across is through comics! They’ve always been fun and easy to read, but they’re being read more than ever thanks to the Internet. They’re just so easy to share!

I create a comic strip called Admiral Wonderboat. It has 21,000 followers on Instagram, and has been featured multiple times on the front-page of Buzzfeed, and translated into more than five languages by fans of the series! 

Putting your message into comic form is a fast and fun way to make your next social media post stand out – and get engagement.

Take a break, read some comics! Click to zoom in:

Skills Include

Graphic Design

From a 2-inch newspaper ad to an 8-foot tradeshow banner, your message has got to look its best!

Web Design

Having your own dedicated home on the web is essential. I love creating clean, powerful platforms for you to reach your ideal customers.

Illustration & Comics

Comics are the perfect art form for the web. With one image you can get any message across, and with one click, that message can be shared all over the world.

Social Media Content

From Facebook posts to Instagram Reels, I have experience developing graphics, videos, and blog posts tailored for Social Media.

Let's Talk!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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